Gabriel Gonzalez: Historical Documents in Bancroft

March 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hello Zapatistas

I was able to spend more time in the Bancroft today in a personal interest of mine. I was looking at photos from Mexican Revolution. I was inspired the last time we met we saw a few pictures of these transforming event in history that forced the migration of millions and was responsible for the deaths of 1 million mexicans. I seen pictures of children with rifles figthingĀ in battles and woman fighting and bandaging the wounds of the fighters. There were pictures of the vendors selling vegetables that were very small and men gathering fire wood. Also I seen something very interesting government officials or political leaders would distribute small pamphlets to the people with pictures and key points that the political party wanted them to know.
This is a very wide opening time, I was able to look at my history with my eyes and hold the images in my hands.

Gabriel: Database Research

February 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello Cheka Agents,

I found a new database called Digital National Security archieve.Document about Henry Kissinger and Israeli officials discuss prospects for U.S.-Soviet talks on Egypt-Israeli border issues from Kissinger on May 13, 1969. Its part of the Kissinger Transcripts. Russia talks about how they lost the war of supplying their states. Kissinger talks about these talks will prevent these parties from fighting each other.
This will be very beneficial to me by helping me understand the situation at that moment in American Foreign Policy.

Gabriel- American Foreign Policy after 9/11 in a 21st century Middle East

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Hello Intelligentsia,

I’m Gabriel a third year transfer student. I’m in treasted in International affairs and Foreign Policy.

This was a great experience going to Main Stacks today, I stumbled across so many great books that will be so beneficial for my thesis. My Question: American Foreign Policy after 9/11 in a 21st century Middle East.
WHY ? I want to talk about the resent events in the Middle East, American response to the Arab Spring, the lead from behind doctrine. In Lybia, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I’m interested in this because this is History that is taking place in my life and I would like to write my thesis on this.

The Key Words I typed into oskicat: Leading from behind, Foreign Policy in the Middle East,
US Relations Middle East.

This led me to Main Stacks and I found an abundance of resources that can be used for my Thesis. It was hard finding a librarian in Main Stacks, the student workers weren’t very helpful. The questions that I give to the librarians is where could I find some good resources and I give them a couple of keywords of my topic and they are very helpful.

Main (Gardner) Stacks DS63.2.U5 M44 2012
The Middle East and the United States : history, politics, and ideologies / edited by David W. Lesch and Mark L. Haas.

Gabriel: The Introduction

February 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello Comrades,

Looking forward to having a wonderful semester with all of you.
I’m looking forward to utilizing the library’s to their full capacity, to become better prepared for my Thesis in Spring 14. I’m very in researching World War 2 history and VietnamĀ especially on Latino Medal of Honor recipients or possibly focusing this semester on Soviet History during World War 2.
But for my thesis I want to focus on U.S. Diplomatic History in the Middle East, especially in the Palestine and Israeli conflict. I would like to focus on 21st century foreign policy doctrines, and the arab spring. But I’m looking forward to diving into the Berkeley library’s and learning skills that will give us all success here at CAL.


Go For Broke, Sincerely,