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I looked for a film resource that was related to my research topic about Puritans in the United States and England. I found one called The Promised Land. It is described as:

An eight part series presenting American history through its visual art, painting, sculpture, architecture and monuments. In this second segment early settlers in the “Promised land” strive to carve out an identity in a virgin land while in the West, Spanish missions use art to convert the natives. In the East, plain Protestant settlers are suspicious of art’s pleasures while in Virginia, an exiled aristocracy, strives to recreate its ideal of England.

I believe that it would be a good for me to watch parts of this series as it would likely deal with the same information I am looking for. The film might be long and include information not relevant, but I think some of it may be useful!

This is the OskiCat link:

Sources for Cassandra From Malia

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Hi Cassandra!

I spent a lot of time going through articles on JStor looking for something having to do with World War Two and Hungarian/German societal functioning apart from the War and the terrible things occurring within their borders, whether or not they knew about them.

The first piece I found interesting was an article about the trials following the war:

René Wolf

Journal of Contemporary History 
Vol. 41, No. 4 (Oct., 2006), pp. 741-755

Published by: Sage Publications, Ltd.
The second source I found is a general history of Hungary during both World Wars, covering not only military history but social and political as well.
Author Ormos, Mária.
Uniform Title Magyarország a két világháború korában (1914-1945). English
Title Hungary in the age of the two World Wars, 1914-1945 / Mária Ormos ; translated by Brian McLean.
Imprint Boulder, Colo. : Social Science Monographs ; Highland Lakes, N.J. : Atlantic Research and Publications ; New York : Distributed by Columbia University Press, 2007.
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Also, this source is just about World War Two!

Author Bethlen, István, gróf, 1874-1946.
Title Hungarian politics during World War Two : treatise and indictment / István Bethlen ; edited by Ilona Bolze = A magyar politika a második világháborúban : politikai tanulmány vagy vádirat / Bethlen István ; közzéteszi Bolza Ilona.
Imprint München : Trofenik, 1985.
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Hopefully these sources can provide some information, though it is difficult to find a source that focuses on the things going on outside of the war during this time period… perfect for a research project?

Best of luck!


ROHO Oral History

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Last Spring, I took History 7B. For our final papers, we were instructed to use the ROHO Rosie the Riveter Project. I chose to focus on Japanese Internment Camps and used three to four different oral histories. I read them all multiple times and then researched the information in each of them. The oral history of Angeline was especially interesting because she discussed her own experiences as a Mexican-American and those of her good friends who were removed to an internment camp. I also found the proximity of the Berkeley campus to Tanforan, a racetrack turned internment camp, very interesting as many Japanese Americans were removed from their Bay Area homes just to be placed a few miles away in such a public location. I learned a lot from the oral histories, and am actually in the processes of preparing one now. During spring break I am planning on interviewing my grandmother about her life and major historical events and her experiences with them. I will be referencing ROHO often throughout the process!

Malia: What Not to Do!

March 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Well, I guess learning what NOT to do can be as valuable as learning what TO do! Looking back this may have been an obvious mistake, but I found an item I wanted that was listen in three campus libraries, including Bancroft. Since I looked at one source that was available after the class last week, I figured I would page another and have it ready for next week. However, since it was available in Main Stacks, I got an email telling me to use that copy in order to protect the original in Bancroft. So I guess my question is… what if I actually need to see the original? I’m sure there is a process to go about but I am not sure how it would work! I have put in a request for a different source that is ONLY in Bancroft…. hoping it goes better this time!

Malia Mailes: Digital Research

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I used JSTOR to find articles regarding the English Civil War and English Reformation. I looked through many, but ended up choosing an article about the religious contexts of the English Civil War by John Morrill. The citation for it is as follows:

Morrill, John. The Religious Context of the English Civil War. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society , Fifth Series, Vol. 34, (1984), pp. 155-178

I am currently gathering information and also studying it in my class. I am using my textbooks as sources for research as well. All is going well!

Malia: Finding Out What I Am Researching

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This week, I worked to narrow down a topic to focus on. I likely want to do something that connects the class I am taking (the Reformations of Christendom) with my major focus (Pre-Civil War United States History). After meeting with my professor to discuss possible ideas, I think that I have narrowed in on examining how the English Reformation and English Civil War impacted the Puritans that emigrated to the Americas.

I am studying:

Puritains in England

Because I am trying to find out: 

What about the English Civil War/Reformation defined them and their values so that they moved to the Americas and created the colonial governments that they did.

In order to help my readers understand:

Why colonial governments were set up the way they were and how religion influenced them

My keyword cloud:

English Reformation, English Puritans, Puritan, American Puritan.


I spent over an hour (partially lost) in Doe Library looking at sources. I eventually settled on two that I thought were useful. The first is Founding Fathers: The Puritans in England and America (Adair, John). This book looks useful because it chronicles the entire English Reformation, it’s impact on the Puritans, and the emigration to the Americas. I believe it will be useful because it is chronological and does not focus on only one geographic area I am investigating, but both. I also found New England in the English Reformation 1689-1713 (Haffenden, Phillip). I believe this will be a valuable source because it examines the Puritans after their move to the Americas, and how their values influence the governments and lives they set up.

I have a lot of research to do, but am confident that I will be able to use these resources plus those I am using in my Reformation class to create a solid thesis.

Malia Mailes’ Introduction

February 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hello everyone!

My name is Malia Mailes and I am a sophomore here at Cal. I am really excited to take this class because I think it will assist me in my coming years as I pursue a degree in History. While I do feel a tad overwhelmed because everyone else has almost fully developed their research interests (i.e. for a thesis), I am still figuring out what time period I want to focus on! I believe I want to focus on Pre-Civil War United States History, possibly with a legal or political perspective. However, since I am not taking any American history classes this semester, I am hopefully going to do my research in conjunction with another class I am taking, History 165- The Reformations of Christendom. I am excited to get to know everyone in the class and also to learn about all of the valuable resources Berkeley has to help us along the way.

Go Bears!