Gunnpreet: Extended Research

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So this week I have been trying to look for more resources relating to my topic. Katie Fleeman recommended some books for me to look at. Some of the books are: From front porch to back seat: courtship in twentieth America / Beth L. Bailey and Breines, Wini. Young, White, and Miserable. Boston: Beacon Press, 1992. I am going to look at these books at the library hopefully they have a copy of some of these books. If not I will try to look for them online. One of the books that Katie suggested is a book that I have seen online. I am going to try and read through more of it this weekend so I can include it in my presentation. While reading through the first few pages of a different book, From front porch to back seat : courtship in twentieth America I saw that it talks about how dating was seen then. This book seems to talk about dating more than marriage. This leads me to think that maybe I should have started my research from how “dating” first started and then maybe how marriages changed during the war. Anyway, I am going to look through the rest of the books that Katie recommended and hopefully get more information relating to my topic to make my thesis stronger.

Gunnpreet: Film Resources

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I found one film that is somewhat related to my topic. After using many combinations of keywords on the Pacific Film Archive website I did not find any film relating to my topic. I went to OskiCat and finally used the right keywords and found one film. The title of the film is The American family [videorecording] : the postwar years,1946-1948. Even though this is not directly related to my topic, it does talk about family life. Under the area of subject, it includes: “Marriage—United States—History—20th Century” which seems to relate to my topic. This film is available at the Media Resource Center. It is a documentary of U.S. families during World War 2 and includes issues such “as the “baby bomb”, adoption, conditions for the aged, marriage and divorce.” The link to the film is:

Gunnpreet: Visual Resources

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So this week I searched through many resources and websites to find an image. After a lot of browsing, I finally went to Calisphere. When I went to Calisphere I typed in “marriage and war” as my keywords and seven visual sources came up. I looked at the picture of a couple getting married it seems like it was published in 1944 in Chicago. It shows a couple getting married and the man behind them seems like he is wearing a jacket that seems as if it was part of some army. The man getting married was in the army for two and a half years. Though this is not showing the effect of the war on their marriage it does show how the couple got married and the groom was in the war. Here is the link to the image: and marriage&brand=calisphere

Resource for Nick from Gunnpreet:

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Here are the resources I found:
Resource From OskiCat:

Title Los Siete [motion picture] / Newsreel.
Imprint San Francisco, Calif. : California Newreel, 1969.

Permanent link for this record:
Location Call No. Status
Pacific Film Archive

Description 1 reel of 1 (30 min.) : opt sd., b&w ; 16 mm. print.
Summary This film is about the oppression of the Third World community in the Mission district of San Francisco, specifically seven Latino youths who were recruiting street kids into a college Brown Studies Program. Accused of killing a plainclothesman, they became victims of a press and police campaign to “clean-up” the Mission. Their defense became the foundation of a revolutionary community organization called Los Siete.
Subject Siete de la Raza Trial, San Francisco, Calif., 1970.

Hispanic American students — California — San Francisco.

Mission District (San Francisco, Calif.)

Genre/Form Documentaries and factual works

Added Author California Newsreel (Firm)

Newsreel (Firm)

Resource From Online Archive of California:

1. Garcia (Rupert and Sammi Madison Garcia) Collection Bulk, 1967-1987
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara::Special Collections
Description: This collection contains materials assembled by Rupert Garcia and document his passion for civil rights and activist art. Garcia was a student at San Francisco State where some of the earliest protests against racism in higher education institutions took place. … Read More
2 search terms found:
…transportation system in the Mission District in San Francisco. At the center of…
…community in defense of ” Los Siete de la Raza,” seven San Francisco Mission…

Gunnpreet: Oral History, ROHO

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This week I used The ROHO website and decided to choose to look at an interview from Rosie the Riveter World War II American Homefront Project. The title of the video is Call to Duty [Part 1]: Oral Histories with Women on Homefront Life during World War II. In the video, Mary Newson is a Ford employee from Texas. Mrs. Newson talks about how she was working on the farm and had met a man that had asked for her hand in marriage the same day they had met. Mrs. Newson agreed to get married to him because she was excited to see all of the money he had earned and also that she would not have to work. He had also promised to take her to California. She goes on explaining how she had taken up a job and then decided that she will also take up a job at Forge. Mrs. Newson then explains how the work had gotten harder because the owner wanted to get men back on the job. There were also a few minutes of an interview from Phyllis Gould who was a Shipyard Worker from Oregon. She explains how she had a boyfriend at age 15 and then got married at age 17. She then tells us how her husband and her did not have enough money to buy a proper house and lived in one that was cheap enough to afford. These interviews were kind of related to my topic as it talked about how the war affected marriage. I realized that oral histories are actually a good thing to use to see the emotions of a person during a certain time.

Gunnpreet: Newspaper Articles

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I did not have time to go to the Doe library this week but I went online and used the library website to look for a newspaper article. I typed in different keywords and finally found an article that somewhat relates to my topic. The article is from The San Francisco Chronicle. It talks about how people thought the war did affect marriages. A bishop, in the article, said that there was a decrease in children and it was probably because of the war. It also talks about how Germany had a greater decrease than Britain did. Though there were increases in marriages during the war, there were great decreases in child birth. The article tells us how people thought that people will not marry as much because of how war affects them This article was interesting because it gave statistics as well as thoughts from some people about how the war affected marriages.

The link to the article is:

Gunnpreet. Archive from the Bancroft Library.

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This week I was reading through a memoir by Lily Burana. This memoir is about Lily Burana, who never thought she would ever marry a man from the military. This memoir talks about how Lily met Mike, who was in the military, and how she dealt being alone from him when he went to the base. Lily Burana stayed alone as she had only been married to Mike for a while and she lived in a town where she knew only a few people. As time went on, she was okay until she started to have negative questions flowing through her mind about her husband’s safety. She also suffered from insomnia and when her husband came back from base, some things had changed between them. This is as far as I read. I want to finish looking through the memoir and reading some more. This memoir relates to my topic which is how marriages were affected by the war. I think this is historically interesting because it is a historical account about Lily Burana’ personal story of how her marriage was affected by the war. It includes her thoughts and feelings of her husband being at war and how it affected her marriage as well as herself. That is why I think it is interesting so far and I will be able to say more when I read through it more.