Research Update: Ariana

May 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


It’s been a great semester and I really enjoyed learning about everyone’s topics. I liked seeing the different takes that everyone had on historical research. I used to think that all historians chose similar academic pieces to work on. That they had to be academic and very “intellectual” sounding, but I’ve realized that to get to such a level one must start off with a topic. Any topic will do. It is the research that will make it grow into something worth reading. Everyone proved that historical research is not a straightforward thing, but rather that it depends on the topic and the person. Everyone had a different approach to research.

I have been looking more into the citizenship laws of the 1940’s and found a really interesting book about race and citizenship. I was very surprised to find out that it was actually written by a Boalt Law Professor. The book was already interesting, but I appreciated it even more after finding that out. I’ve been looking into the modern naturalization laws and seeing how those relate to the late 1940’s laws which affected Iva Toguri.

I like finding how research can take you in different directions. You can start with a set idea, but sometimes your findings take you in a different direction. There were points when I thought perhaps I should focus on something else, since I was finding information that was counter or different to what I had originally came up with. I liked this process of investigation. Lots of different resources provide varying levels of help. Some more than others, but I’m glad that I was able to check out a good deal of resources through this class. This is a very helpful course. Everyone have a great summer!



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