Maria Pizarro: What can you do with research?/ Reflection

May 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

As I searched for various resources to support my research topic, I came to realize that not all resources are going to have something that supports my topic. Though some database didn’t directly deal with my topic, I discovered that the information found can still be implemented in the research. I also discovered that when doing research, the individual has to take advantage of all the information found no matter if it does not directly tackle the subject. As you proceed with researching, new keywords and ideas arise. For me, as I played around with the keywords every time I looked into a new database, I learned that some databases result with information depending on the type of word used. For example, in one of the databases I got more results when I used Hispanics instead of Mexicans. There was even a couple of times where when I used Hispanics I would have zero results, but when I used Mexicans, at least one item came up. I had better results when I used the computer in the Chicano studies section in the Ethnic Studies Library. I had found dozens of books, articles, some videos, and special books in that library compared to when I used oskicat in my laptop. When I visited that library, I became more interested in Chicano studies and I just wanted to spend all day in that library looking through their collections. I was not able to find resources directly relating to my topic in the Bancroft library. I did, however, find things that can help me answer another question I had come up during my visit to the Ethnic Studies Library. This class helped me learn of all the different kinds of resources and database that is available on campus and online that I did not know about before.

In a non-academic setting, research can be used in various  ways. Research can help find more information on a business, learn the background on a city or park, it can even help map out the economic stability/instability of the United States through out history. Research can also be used to remind politicians or society of how history can repeat itself if forgotten. Research can even help understand the past of an individual as to where did their family come from, why did or didnt they migrate to the states, medical history, family ties and accomplishments/mishaps, etc. Historians are not the only ones that benefit from research. Social workers, politicians, businessmen, even military specifically the Coast Guard.


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