Final Update

May 6, 2013 § 3 Comments

Hello friends,

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you all on your exiting projects! They were all well presented and I learned a whole lot from all them. I hope you all enjoyed mine, or at least sparked some interest in my subject. As I mentioned many times before in the past, today we tend to overlook over music censorship. I find it peculiar that the 80’s was a time in which notable religious organizations and the PMRC lashed out at what they considered to be “morally deviant” music, but in retrospect, would you agree that today’s music is more grossly explicit? I cannot believe at how demeaning, sexually charged, and “morally deviant” music has gotten over the last two decades or so. Is there a connection is another of my questions, is this “informal cultural movement” just one of many to blame for today’s mainstream music biz? These are all questions I will be researching over the summer and could possibly use as a conclusion/analysis of my research. As a collector of music and historian, we are living in a time where no one is willing to talk about the music played on the radio-waves, many of which play tunes ranging from themes of sex to fostering our society’s rape culture (yeah, I said it). Where is the PMRC now? Were the repercussions so severe that no religious group is willing to lead the fight anymore?

I wanna give a special thanks to Camille for sparking my interest in the subject and encouraging me to dig deeper. You really helped and inspire me pursue this further. When I first brainstormed this topic I thought it would be met with criticism considering that it is a fairly contemporary topic, but after taking this class and sharing my thoughts and views with a lot of people, I am amazed at the good reception and constructive criticism. Thank you for that.  I am meeting, or will potentially be working with Felicia (per recommendation of Camille). She will help me on potential methodology so I get to work this summer on it. I want to make it perfect, my name will forever be attached to this work, and I want to make sure I do a good job. Whether or not it will be picked up as a possible guide for future researchers really isn’t something I know, but I will feel better, I will be satisfied with the fact that I am contributing back to “the scene” that watched me grow and be the person I am today. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of Metalhead academics, I am one of the few, the better prepared I am, the better this project will be.

If you’d like to see future updates on my research project please follow my WordPress, I will be writing weekly findings, thoughts, reflections on Heavy Metal, the PMRC, Music Censorship and all of the above. It is a great way to practice my writing, too. Keep in touch everyone, god bless! cheers

Cordially yours,

Tilo Eduardo Lopez

Here is a profile of my band if you want to see what I’m all about..



§ 3 Responses to Final Update

  • Tilo, how did your summer research go? We’d love to hear your updates!

    • edbanger52 says:

      Hello Camille and colleagues,

      This summer I sat with a former professor and had the opportunity to present my thesis proposal to her for insight and ideas. She liked my idea and made me feel better when she said that the project was feasible.

      For those who don’t know who I am, I am Tilo Lopez and am writing my 101 this semester on the cultural impact and legacy of the PMRC in 1985 with a special focus on Heavy Metal artists.
      I have a lot of rich primary sources, including the entire hearing that took place on September 19, 1985. I accessed this source through Congressional Proquest (If you have a specific date you want to look into, I highly recommend this.
      I found letters, tons of statistics, and memoirs/outlines given to congressmen who directed this meeting.

      I am using this WordPress account to archive, comment and analyzethe sources I’ve found incase anyone wants to follow me and check up on what I am working on.

      My best wishes to you all…. GO BEARS!


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