Research Update: Tilo

April 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello friends,

I spoke to my history professor of the Civil Rights movement to talk to her about my project and see if she could give me any leads. She said she would get to me on Monday. I am really glad I went to talk to her, she listened diligently, took notes, was impressed with my topic and was glad to see me enthusiastic about it. She told me not to get “too defensive” in my paper especially since I am writing about the PMRC, and it tends to gets pounded on by the mainstream today. I was advised to try to correlate other events to my case study, like court cases, or other contemporary events that may have helped influence the decision by the Senate to place censorship labels on music. I went over some of the books I picked up before I started researching about my topic and found the perfect case in one of them. Surprisingly it involved one of my favorite bands of ALL time, the world famous JUDAS PRIEST.

Amid the legal battles of whether or not to censor music deemed “harmful” and “immoral” to the general American public, two teenagers committed suicide while listening to a Judas Priest track, Better by You, Better Than Me (awesome song). The case was highly publicized, not only was the band sued for “reparations,” major record label CBS was brought to court with them. Their claim was that on top of the explicit lyrics, the plaintiffs claimed that the song noted had a subliminal message that said “do it” (suicide). The argument was that if you played the record backwards that you could hear the words. It led me to question, who listens to a record backwards???

Anyways, after several trials, which I will discuss further somehow in my paper, the case was adjourned. Priest was free and found NOT guilty. The two teenagers had an apparent trouble with drugs and long history of domestic violence. One of the two survived the shotgun blast to his face, lived through the trials and then committed suicide (again) a few years after.

I found the original article published by the New York Times if anyone is interesting in reading about it.

Judas Priest “Subliminal Messages” Trial

This is also a video from the actual Court Trial

Thank you



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