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April 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello Friends,

I found a great book called Reagan’s Lebanon Policy: Trial and Error. I will book looking for more books about this time period of 1982-84 in Lebanon regarding U.S.  Foreign Policy. I found a good section of material in Moffit Library.  The book is filled with great in site of understanding the political, social and communal life of Lebanese people. The Lebanese were anticipating the French , Syrians , and Israelis to solve the problems. The Arab nations wanted peace so they turned to the United States to fill in this void. However I see this as the U.S. playing as the world peace keeper and an analogy I was thinking of was as referee but I will take it a step further and say more as an NBA commissioner.

Also the book gave a greater understanding of the role of the U.S. Marines, their duty was to play a role as part of the multinational peace keeping force to evacuate PLO forces out of Beruit. I also learned  how the death of Bashir Gameyel was assassinated. I will reasearch further into the assassination. Reagan’s foreign Policy in the region was to create Peace, they


didn’t see Lebanon as an Allied inLebanon-4[1]to the future. Three points the book brought up were A change of priorities, A Shift of emphasis, and A change of focus. These are three points that are going to help me better focus my Thesis.

Thank you,

Gabriel Gonzalez



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