Resource For: Stefano Flavoni

March 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


Hi Stefano. I have to say that your topic is very unique, and I really enjoyed the presentation about Shostakovich that you gave at Bancroft. I don’t know much about classical music, but I appreciate its beauty and complexity, and have gone to a number of symphonies. The Soviet Union during the Cold War is also a very fascinating subject, especially when considering the kinds of censorship that was taking place.

I’m guessing that the best information about Shostakovich is probably in Europe, perhaps Russia or Germany. Keeping on this continent, I looked through the Eastman School of Music’s Library, located in New York. This is supposedly one of the best music schools in the country (is this true)? To my surprise, the school held a conference on Shostakovich in 2006. It was a week-long event, with speakers and performers from all over the world coming together to discuss Shostakovich’s life and music. I think this conference’s archive could be a valuable resource for you. Maybe for the content, but perhaps more as a tool for discovering other scholars and professionals who specialize in Shostakovich’s work. This, my friend, is a geek fest of everything Shostakovich.

Going through the list of speakers, you could locate some of these people and call or email them. I’m sure they could help you locate rare or hard-to-find information, or point you in other directions. Through my own research, I’ve discovered that other people in your field of specialization are your best resources. Below is a link the Eastman School of Music’s conference on Shostakovich. Check it out, and best of luck!



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