Dominic LiMandri: Yuki’s Project

March 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Yuki,

After reviewing your past posts to get a better idea of your study interests and direction, I believe I have come across a useful resource for your research, and hopefully it is a resource you have not yet encountered. In one of your earlier posts, I came across three names that you had marked as literary individuals of relevance: Edith Eaton, Younghil Kang, and Carlos Bulosan. After searching all three names in several databases, I came across an interesting resource when I searched Edith Eaton on Oskicat. The book Asian American literature in the international context : readings on fiction, poetry and performance I felt was a perfect match for your field of research, containing multiple authors and pieces of literature on Asian American poetry and performance, the latter being a topic you repeatedly expressed great interest in. Well I hope this collection proves resourceful and good luck with your further investigation into contemporary Asian American literature!


Here’s the link:



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