Dominic LiMandri: The New York Times

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last week I mentioned that due to my recent decision not to draft a research paper this semester, the course of my research as facilitated through this class was to assume a broader perspective in my analysis of the process of military Keynesianism. This was the approach I assumed this week in my investigation, though I must confess I have deviated somewhat from my original topic towards another topic that interests me greatly: land grabs in the Global South. This international process refers to a growing  trend of acquisitions of large tracts of arable land by private investors and foreign governments in the southern hemisphere, spurred by the inherent profit to be had in satiating the energy and food demands of an increasing global population. Now because this occurrence is relatively recent, newspaper articles were abundantly available, as I found two very insightful resources on the New York Times online database accessed via their website portal. The first resource was an article titled “African Farmers Displaced as Investors Move In” detailing the displacement of local farmers by the international race for arable land, noting a very, very interesting claim that these new forms of land acquisitions are essentially a neocolonial scramble for Africa, a legitimate and potential research candidate for my thesis. The second resources was a NYtimes blog titled “Biofuels and ‘Land Grabs’ in Poor Nations” that discussed the use of such land for the production of crops that will in turn be processed into biofuels. In short, both resources were extremely insightful and I look forward to mining once more through various newspaper databases, with the jarring thought in mind that I may change research topics. But we will see.




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