Christopher Bazil: Newspapers

March 8, 2013 § Leave a comment


This week I spent a lot of time looking through Pro Quest. I found that it is easier to search for items by not using filters. With a topic like Sears Modern Homes, a search using all databases rather than just ‘architecture’ reveals much better results. Sometimes newspaper articles can be tagged under topics such as ‘business,’ and using a filter would have limited your search results from listing other articles. For example, many of the newspaper articles I found are tagged under ‘economics or business’ databases because they talk about home sale prices or quarterly earnings.

It is well know that during the 1930’s, Sears Roebuck destroyed all of its records for the ‘Building Department.’ This means that finding hard data on home sales and other statistics is hard to come by, and is often not mentioned in other historical works about the subject. To my surprise, I found some great newspaper articles from the 1920’s out of the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Daily Tribune that talk about Sears Modern Homes data! I also created a Pro Quest “Research” account, which allows you to tag or track all of the articles you are interested in. This is a wonderful tool to keep track of things, and to reference them later if you did not have time to read them the first time.

Here are a couple links to some interesting articles I found using Pro Quest:

Also, thanks to Katie, I have discovered to joys of  ‘Page View’ for newspaper articles. This is a seemingly insignificant discovery, yet I find it incredibly helpful for putting the article into a larger context about the time it was published.



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