Dominic LiMandri: Exploring Bancroft

March 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

My experience at the Bancroft library yesterday was similar to most of my fellow researchers in that it was somewhat unfruitful in my initial search, but it ultimately contributed to the tweaking of my research approach. Now since I recently elected not to write a research paper in my cultural landscapes class this semester, my research approach has significantly broadened,  geared more towards my eventual thesis research, thus prompting me to adopt a more macro approach to the effects of military Keynesianism on the development of localities and regions rather than the narrower scope of institutions and physical landscapes. This method encourages me to interpret readings and sources with the objective of understanding the comprehensive process rather than looking simply for quotations or citations, and was such the approach I was hoping to take in investigating the contents of the Henry J. Kaiser papers.

After sufficiently browsing the table of contents of the compilation, I narrowed my search down to several specific files to which I hoped to call upon. Unfortunately, this was where my experience at Bancroft ended due to the fact that the physical documents of the Kaiser Papers are kept off-campus at the NRLF and would take up three days to arrive. This was the point where I decided to broaden my approach as  I mentioned before, beginning my preliminary investigation into other examples of Bay Area military investment such as Treasure Island. Using OskiCat, I found several resources pertaining to Treasure Island at Bancroft but, due to my demanding schedule on Friday was not able to devote significant time to each one. In the coming days I hope to gain access to and comprehend the multitude of information embedded in such resources and perhaps come across new sites or articles relating to my topic.



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