Dominic LiMandri: Database Research

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Similar to my fellow researchers, I have also used the resourceful JSTOR platform to facilitate my further investigation into the post-war economic cycles of the East Bay. Over the course of about two hours earlier today, I filtered through the list of keywords I had assembled on my research topic, leading me to a variety of articles and information that I am currently still shifting through. One particular article that has peaked my interests is titled “Military Spending and Poverty” by Errol Anthony Henderson, a piece examining the relationship between cycles of  military expenditures and the existence of poverty as two symbiotic occurrences. Although the topic discussed was not specifically exclusive to the East Bay, it provided significant insight into general processes of the field and I believe will aid me in my research as I progress with similar readings.

Additionally, I thought it important to note that I came across a wealth of articles concerning “Penal Keynesianism” as an emerging alternative to military Keynesianism in economically rattled communities, a very interesting claim that I plan to investigate further.



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