Stefano Flavoni: A Trip to Main Stacks

February 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have begun to narrow down my research question.  Because Shostakovich’s effects on tonality is a very broad topic.  I would like to narrow it down to researching his government’s effect on his works after around Opus 36, which is when Stalin’s regime first began to see issues with his disestablishmentarian views.

To gain more insight, I went to Main Stacks in an attempt to find some resources, but it was very difficult.  The best I could do was find some history texts that referenced Shostakovich as an example of Stalinist Russia’s impact on the everyday cultural lives of its citizens.  However, all of the musical resources (M in the Library of Congress indexing) are located off-site in the Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library.  While there, I began my research with an excellent book,

Ivashkin, Alexander, and Andrew Kirkman. Contemplating Shostakovich: life, music, and film.

Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2012.

It analyzes all of Shostakovich’s works in a very clear, thought-out manner with lots of visual examples.  I think this is an excellent start to my research journey.



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