November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

This class has been really helpful in helping me identify alternative and more exotic library resources. I had never really ventured outside Doe and the Bancroft for historical research, but actually physically visiting other resources like the Media Center, the Environmental Studies Library, and microfilm helped me realize there are whole worlds of material that I had never really considered. I am not sure what my future holds, in terms of scholarship, but if I do get into grad school for history and continue with it, this class will have proved invaluable. If not, I have become really interested in geography lately, a field in which the ability to dig out information would also greatly add to my success.

This week I found a few good more good books in Doe, including one on the African American population in Richmond. I had read an article based on it before, but it was good to be able to get my hands on the fleshed out work. I have been getting a little distracted going on research tangents pertaining to pre-war housing policy- I’m finding myself wanting to understand the history of the history I need to understand to analyze my project. A tendency I’m afraid is probably not unfamiliar to many of us. I’m going to try to pin down concrete things I need to delve into and focus on those rather than get so distracted.


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